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Welcome To The Viking Family Support Group

Viking Family Support Group was founded by Alison & Tracey whose sons were serving in the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment nicknamed the Vikings. Their vision was to set up a group where upon families & friends of Viking soldiers could help & support one another. The VikingFSG website was then born!

The Viking Family Support Group Forum

Viking Family Support Group Forum

The VikingFSG Forum has been set up to enable all Vikings as well as their family & friends to have an easy means of communication. It's other main function is to provide a reliable source of information relating to the current activities and deployments of the Vikings, up coming social events and a reliable method of support.

It is also a good place to kick back and chat with other family & friends of Vikings who are in the same position as you. People who understand what you are going through when your Viking is away.

What is a Viking? - A Viking is a serving member of The 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment who, because of the history of where they recruit from, are nicknamed "The Vikings".

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